Reliable machine parts are the key to operational reliability in all production environments and industries. Through the versatility of their attributes, PTFE and high-performance plastic machine parts can be adapted to meet specific needs and integrated into your application with microscopic precision. Based on the strength of 50 years of expertise and over 25,000 units in our name, our defining quality at Acoplastic is our in-depth familiarity with the peerless strengths of plastic when used for critical machine parts in valves, pumps, instrumentation as well as in the food/pharma sectors.

Our people are the key to our succes

Our succes is found in the people you meet every day at Acoplastic. Dedicated, motivated and curious minds are some of the characteristics you will meet. With a company size like ours, we have a strong “family feeling” and teamwork is a natural part of our work balance.

The employees at Acoplastic are always eager to help our customers in the best possible way by listening, guiding, developing, and finally supporting the production and delivery, and we are very thankful for that.

Reliability isn’t expensive, it’s priceless

The best solutions are based on early collaboration between the customers and Acoplastic. This is part of our heritage and DNA and help us to position us as one of the leading suppliers of machined plastic solutions in the Nordic region. We work with industry leading companies and smaller national enterprises.

Why choose Acoplastic?

With more than 50 years of expertise and over 25,000 different solutions in our name, our distinguishing feature is our flexibility and in-depth familiarity with the attributes and strengths of plastic when used for critical solutions in a wide range of applications and industries.

1. Co-develop customized machined plastic solutions together with one of the leading Nordic suppliers.

2. Benefit from a flexible approach and 250 compounds and recipes matching your demands.

3. Support your sustainability journey with a certified responsible global supplier and partner.

Reliability isn't expensive, it's priceless