Acoplastic supplies customers with the highest quality, delivering products that live up to the individual company’s stated procedures and quality requirements in all areas. As an independent supplier, we cover the entire supply chain – from raw material to machined machine part– in-house. This is our customers’ guarantee of full traceability and just-in-time delivery.

Our commitment

To ensure that we always live up to our commitments and adapt to current and future challenges, Acoplastic has expanded our understanding of what it takes to achieve our ambition and be recognized as a sustainability company.

We have therefore decided for a ISO 14001 certification in 2022.

As a dedicated supplier to a large part of domestic and international industry, we have, among other things, chosen to set a goal of increasing the level of residual streams that can be recycled. We are building on the efforts we have already made in processing PTFE and sorting our packaging waste.

Our ambition of an ISO 14001 certification is to live up to our obligations, to adapt to current and future challenges, and help our customers on their sustainability journey.

Continuous quality improvement through dialogue

Through our ISO 9001 system, we have established a full overview of our work and our business processes, thus ensuring strong coherence between our numerous activities around quality assurance and control. Our systematic work with quality also constitutes a solid basis for a productive dialogue with our customers; we promise each other fine-tune processes on an ongoing basis.

Quality in partnership with the customer
As a dedicated supplier to large parts of both National and International industry, we always run the quality assurance process in partnership with our customers and suppliers. As such, we are not just guided by a predefined quality assurance system but also by procedures and regulations largely defined by the client – always based on the highest common denominator. The machine parts we produce can therefore often be included directly in customers’ production lines without any additional checking.

Control and traceability from start to finish
We apply continuous monitoring every step of the way: during raw material production, initial machining, and final inspection. All relevant data are verified by the individual employee initialing the production order. The painstaking exit control ensures that every unit meets your requirements, and that your order is packed correctly for the agreed shipping method.

Acoplastic has been ISO 9001 certified since 2007 and obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification in early 2016.

EN 10204:2004 - Declarations of conformity

Acoplastic can issue certificates in accordance with EN 10204:2004, documenting that the deliveries of materials and machine parts live up to your requirements.

2.1 – Declaration of compliance with the order: Declaration confirming the compliance of the machine parts manufactured with the purchase agreement and internal quality control.

2.2 – Test certificate: Declaration of compliance with the purchase agreement and internal quality control, with statement of test results achieved from non-specific batch inspection.

3.1 – Inspection certificate: Declaration of compliance with the purchase agreement and internal quality control, with statement of test results achieved from specific batch inspection.

The material quality is tested in our own lab; as standard, the test comprises a density measurement and a tensile test to determine attributes such as tensile strength and elasticity.

Registration and documentation for Food Contact Materials and other declarations and certificates

Full compliance with Danish and international standards

Many PTFE machine parts made by Acoplastic are applicated in the pharmaceutical and food industries, which have a stringent environmental and quality standard. We base our declarations of conformity on data from the raw material suppliers and our own tests. If your company wishes to use its own approval template, we are naturally happy to use it as the basis for our declaration.

We handle compliance declarations/statements like: 

  • EC 1935/2004, Materials, and machine parts intended to come into contact with food.
  • EC/2023 – 2006, Regulations on good manufacturing practice for materials and machine parts intended to come into contact with food.
  • EC 10/2011, Plastic materials, and machine parts intended to come into contact with food.
  • FDA CFR 21 Section 177, Indirect additives: Polymers
  • USP Class VI, biocompatible material
  • 3-A Sanitary Standards, standards, and norms for promoting sanitation and hygiene in connection with dairy products and foods
  • KTW (Kunststoff-TrinkWasser), regulation of plastics in drinking water.
  • WRAS, The Water Regulations Approval Scheme is an independent UK certification body for plumbing products and materials, helping business and consumers choose compliant products that keep water safe.
  • REACH, to protect human health and the environment against the harmful effects of chemical substances
  • RoHS, EU rules restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment to protect the environment and public health.

Acoplastic is controlled by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and covered by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s Smiley scheme.

PPAP – control reports

Specification of the processes on the basis of your requirements
PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) is a structured approval process known from IATF16949, which is extremely widespread in the automotive industry. In the recent years, more huge enterprises have come to recognize the benefits of this approval process and have chosen to implement the standard. Today, PPAP is one of the cornerstones of Acoplastic quality management system. As a result, we have the capacity to specify and document the capability of the processes and the associated quality control since your requirements – and this applies in all areas of our production apparatus. With this optimal transparency, you can always be sure that the quality and performance of the machine parts live up to your expectations.

Control and documentation
Throughout the production process, visual and mechanical control are applied on an ongoing basis at all levels – from the production and processing of raw materials to final inspection and exit control. When executing PPAP, we prepare a range of documents according to your wishes. This documentation ensures that all machine parts live up to your requirements and specification so that they can be assimilated directly into your production line. Through close dialogue – based on a PPAP control reports and quality tests – we can among others continuously fine tune the solution and optimize the individual sub-processes.

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